We have the winners for the Sexiest Costume Photo Contest for 2011

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Sexiest Costume Photo Contest from HalloweenAndCostumes.com

HalloweenandCostumes.com would like to congratulate the winners of our first annual Sexiest Costume Costume Photo Contest! Please say Hello to our Winners!

Sexiest Costume Photo Contest Winner from HalloweenAndCostumes.com
1st Place Wins $250 Gift
Sexiest Costume Photo Contest 2nd Place from HalloweenAndCostumes.com2nd Place Wins $100 Gift
Sexiest Costume Photo Contest 3rd Place from HalloweenAndCostumes.com3rd Place wins $50 Gift Certificate

If you would like to get the look that some of these winners are wearing be sure to check out our award winning sexy Halloween costumes selection! We would like to thank everyone for entering. We had a really great turn out! We had some of the best costumes and the sexiest ladies in costumes entered! Please remember that we will be running a new photo contest every 2 weeks during the Halloween season! The Best Couples/Family/Group Halloween costume photo contest is going on now! 1st place will take home a $100.00 Gift Certificate, 2nd Place is $50.00 Gift Certificate & 3rd Place is $25.00 Gift Certificate! Gift certificates will be good to use on HalloweenAndCostumes.com. Be sure to check it out and enter! Lets see if you have the look to make it in our scrapbook!

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3 Responses to “We have the winners for the Sexiest Costume Photo Contest for 2011”

  1. Kirsty mills Says:

    Thank you so much. I can’t believe I won. I’m looking at the costumes now and they are all so amazing. Thank you again to everyone who voted for me.

  2. Lynn Says:

    Of course you won, Kristy. You were the only one who entered a professional photo complete with watermark, which by the way was against the rules.

  3. HalloweenAndCostumes.com Says:

    Anyone that entered was allowed to enter a professional photo. The only rule is that it had to be one person in the picture. The photo had to be from head to toe. This was a photo of her. She is the person in the picture. We have looked into this. Thank you for taking interest in the photo contest. It is a beautiful photo! We had a lot of really awesome ladies to enter the contest! Please be sure to check out the new one that we are running! :)

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