Bad Boy Bentley Doesn’t Return For The Bachelorettes Tell All

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Really!!! This guy is a complete CHICKEN!!! You are going to talk about someone like this and you are not going to show up! Really man! Grow some! Bentley Williams, who admitted to deliberately making Ashley fall in love with him then running away, did not show up for the taping last weekend for the tell all.

Bentley wanted to come “to clear his name,” but Ashley, who broke down in tears repeatedly over his sudden departure, didn’t want to face him again. So, Bentley was told not to come.

Later producers realized that Bentley would provide the much-needed closure for everyone involved — including the audience – and they called him back asking him to come after all.

Although his contract states he must show up for any and all reunions, Bentley kindly said, “No.”

Forget the Casey Anthony costumes give me a busted Bentley face! That would be so much funnier and you would not have to worry about getting shot at!

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