Charlotte Beer Girls Do It Up For Charity

Bookmark and Share is proud to present to you, The Charlotte Beer Girls!  They are located in none other than the beautiful Charlotte, NC. They take your event to the next level bringing in the beer girl costumes.  An event with beer just isn’t the same without some girls dressed in dirndls or Irish outfits! If you are planning to have an event for St Patrick’s Day next year. Make sure you connect with these girls!  They will make sure to show up in the best St. Patrick’s Day costumes you can imagine.  Your event will be the talk of the town! They are the “Official” Charlotte Oktoberfest Beer Girls that help raise money for local charities. So far to date they have raised over $1,400! Help them continue their efforts and invite them to your beer event, fundraiser, or donate to the causes! If you need more information please check out the Charlotte Beer Girls Facebook page they have

The most recent event that they were honored to attend and help out with was the event that helped raise money for a firefighter and police officers that have been severely injured.  One of our firefighter costumes was on show for this event! The Ms. Blazin Hot Adult Costume made it to the show!

Look at what these awesome girls have done to date:
York County Humane Society 2010-2011: $300
National Kidney Foundation of NC/Victory Junction Camp 09: $400
Birthday Blessings 2010: $750
Curly & Clay benefit @Sammy’s: $120

You will be able to catch up with these lovely ladies when they host one of the largest Oktoberfest on the East Coast and the proceeds are then given to two approved local charities. Please check out the Oktoberfest website for more information if you are wanting to attend or set up a booth!

The Charlotte Beer Girls will have a tent for this event where they will have several girls dressed in German costumes (dirndyls) and we they will be taking pictures for charity as well. congratulates all of you for all of your hard work!  Keep up the good work girls!


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  1. Paul Mantle Says:

    I absolutely love the idea and the concept. I can’t believe I missed this for St. Patrick’s day. Will be getting my girlfriend to get into a beer girl fancy dress costume next time :-)

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