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Does Anyone else remember the original Super Mario Brother’s Nintendo Game? Do you remember the cool Halloween costumes that they came out with a few years ago? Well Mario and Luigi have come a long way. They’ve been featured in over 200 games since their 1985 debut, playing along side such characters as everyone’s favorite giant ape Donkey Kong, Toad, and Yoshi the dinosaur. Most of the Mario brother’s games center around saving Princess Peach, but there are many that don’t follow such a structured plot line like Mario Kart, a racing game with popular Nintendo characters.

You might be surprised to know there is even a Super Mario Bro’s movie! Released in 1993, it’s got Bob Hoskin’s as Mario and John Leguizamo as Luigi, with the evil Kong Koopa played by Dennis Hopper. With such a profound presence in pop culture you won’t be surprised that the best known plumber since Joe is a favorite 2011 Halloween costumes choice of gaming geeks everywhere.

You can play the original Super Mario Brother’s game here:

Also try your hand at a whole host of later Mario Brother’s games here:

Want to bring the Super Mario look to life this Halloween?  Check this cool styles out. The whole gang is here!

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